21, finally.

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This is my birthday week.

Uhh yeah, I get a birthday week. I’m 21 for goodness sakes. Gotta catch up on all the fun I’ve been missin out on. 

Like this pomegranate martini. 

Pomegranate. Martini. Delicious. Get on this bandwagon.

Best part about birthdays? Well, the food of course!

Wanna see?

Coffee marinated skirt steak with burnt peaches. I had never had a burnt peach before. But let me tell you, THEY’RE GOOD. Actually, everything was so delicious that this happened:

Are there seconds?

Okay, but time for the KICKER people. The best baker I know (aka my amazing mom) made me my absolute favorite: carrot cake

Carrot cake is perfect in all forms: cupcakes, carrot cake flavored ice cream, and even carrot cake pancakes (yes, they exist. Don’t worry – I’ll give you the recipe). 

But this carrot cake….ohhhhhh boy, is it good. Don’t ask me for the recipe, though. Even I’m not allowed to have it. (Thanks mom, I’m the one with the cooking blog!)

My family calls me Rachie. You can too. 

You see this cake? Moist, scrumptious carrot cake (WITH raisins – whoever tries to serve you carrot cake without raisins is letting you down. big time) and a perfect layer of cream cheese frosting.

Excuse me well I go eat my third piece. Because it’s my birthday week. And cake doesn’t have calories during your birthday week. duh.

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