Bessie and Her Many “Beds”

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Alternative titles for this post:

Bessie the Bed Thief

My Dog Makes No Sense

My Incredibly Creative, Very Obsessive Dog

Since, it’s Friday (YIPPPEEEE!) I was feeling a very lighthearted post for today. I personally love when I get a little sneak peak into a blogger’s life, so I thought it would be fun to share one of the things that makes Travis and me laugh constantly around here.

Bessie has this thing where she likes to lay on ANYTHING that we put on the ground. Suitcases, Ikea bags, clothing, dirty laundry (ew, I know), you name it – she sleeps there.

Let’s get this straight, though. Bessie has some pretty damn comfortable beds. In fact, she LOVES her beds, but she also really loves making new ones.

I was inspired to write this post when Travis and I discovered her like this yesterday morning:

Bessie and Her Many Beds l

She had pulled the blanket off of our bed and placed it partially on top of her bed. Her back was resting up against a hard part of our bed frame, so there was no way that this could have been comfortable for her, but she stayed here for a solid hour. Total. Weirdo.

But you guys, this isn’t anything new.

Please excuse the incredibly blurry photo, but this is the day it all started two years ago. Travis came home, dropped his backpack on the floor and all of a sudden Bessie we saw Bessie leave her cozy bed to go lay on Travis’s bag. With a laptop inside, that backpack really couldn’t have been that comfortable, but…to each her own?

Bessie and Her Many Beds l

Then there’s the time we got a big new Mac computer and Bessie decided that the cardboard box it came in would be her new hideout for the next few hours.

Forts are cool, I guess?

Bessie and Her Many Beds l

Sometimes it’s clothes, though. Do you guys remember this photo? It was the time I was trying to photograph some stuff for the blog and Bessie just had to be the center of attention.

Bessie and Her Many Beds l

This dog is also obsessed with warm laundry out of the dryer.

Okay, honestly, I don’t blame her for this one. Laying in a pile of warm laundry on a chilly night might just be the best feeling ever.

Bessie and Her Many Beds l

What’s not convenient, though, is the persistence to lay on top of clean clothes while we fold. Bessie I love you and all, but…dog hair.

Bessie and Her Many Beds l

And getting dressed in the morning can sometimes take a little longer than usual. If I pull my sweater box out from underneath the bed, I can almost guarantee that she’ll climb in it.

Bessie and Her Many Beds l

It’s the dirty laundry I don’t get it. If I sort laundry on the floor and walk away for a little bit she’ll make a new bed for herself.

Because what smells better than sweaty gym clothes, amiright!?

Bessie and Her Many Beds l

Okay people, here is my favorite.

Whenever we pack for trips or come back from a trip and begin to unpack, our suitcases become automatic beds.

Bessie and Her Many Beds l

The first time Bessie did this to Travis we thought, “Aww that’s so sweet! She missed you!”

Bessie and Her Many Beds l

But then she continued to lay in the suitcases even after they had been emptied…

Bessie and Her Many Beds l www.littlechefbigappetite.comBessie and Her Many Beds l

Oh, and don’t even get me started on trying to pack for a trip. Here’s a photo from last summer just after I had packed my suitcase for our trip to England. I spent a solid hour trying to pack all of my clothes for eight days into a carry-on suitcase. It was a serious struggle, but I did it.

When I was done, I stepped away for no more than two minutes to grab something from the other room, but when I came back into the bedroom, somehow all of my clothes were unfolded and jumbled up in my suitcase. I think we can all assume who the culprit was here.

And I mean I get it. She’s probably thinking, “You’re not going anywhere without me this time, Mommy!”

I definitely am sympathetic, but you’ve gotta admit that she’s totally nutso!

Bessie and Her Many Beds l


But it’s not just our stuff that Bessie selects as a new bed. Whenever we dog sit our friends’ dogs, Bessie loves to “test out” their beds. I guess she’s a girl who likes her options?

Bessie’s doggie friends sure are accommodating, though! Take a look:

Exhibit A: Not Bessie’s bed.

(Sorry Woody!)

Bessie and Her Many Beds l

Exhibit B: Not Bessie’s bed.

(Sorry Sammy!)

Bessie and Her Many Beds l

Exhibit C: Not Bessie’s bed.

(Sorry Bailey!)

Bessie and Her Many Beds l

Exhibit D: CLEARLY not Bessie’s bed.

(We’re really sorry, Benny. You sure were nice to let her borrow your big king-sized bed, though.)

Bessie and Her Many Beds l

I really hope that doesn’t make you think Bessie is selfish, because she’s far from it. Travis and I joke that she really just likes “testing out” other dog beds. And besides, if it’s in our house she might genuinely think it’s for her.

In the end, Bessie just wants to be part of all of the activity.

Bessie and Her Many Beds l

Bessie and Her Many Beds l

She loves us unconditionally and if something smells like us, she’ll likely take it and lay on it because she is an absolute love machine.

Bessie and Her Many Beds l

And as much as we poke fun at her bizarre tendencies, we love our little happy girl so, so much.

Bessie and Her Many Beds l

The end!



  • Rich Huhn
    February 19, 2016 - 10:04 am | Permalink

    so. darn. adorable.

    Awesome Bessie Post!

    • Rachel (littlechefbigappetite)
      February 19, 2016 - 10:25 am | Permalink

      Thanks Rich!!

  • February 25, 2016 - 8:58 pm | Permalink

    Loools this is TOO CUTE!!! Can’t wait to meet her. BEtter watch out that I don’t accidentally take her home with me!

    • Rachel (littlechefbigappetite)
      February 26, 2016 - 8:40 am | Permalink

      Uh oh! I am going to have to check your suitcase before you leave!

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