I like cooking. I like eating. I am little. I’m gunna blog about it.

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Finally. First post. 

I have been meaning to do this for months now. Now that it’s summer and I have more time I figured this would be the perfect time to start. 

I’m little but I LOVE to eat. Mmmm. I really love to bake – cookies, cake, breads, you name it! But as I realize a diet cannot consist of sugar and carbs (Booo) I aim to cook delicious, healthy meals as well.  I like both simple and elaborate. But mostly I like delicious.  A lot of what I make (and what I plan to blog about) will be made from easy to find ingredients, because as a college student it isn’t easy to find unusual products…and it tends to get expensive.

I’m excited to be home because I have the spread of a beautiful, well-equipped kitchen.  My college apartment pales in comparison in terms of space (there is none), lighting (I have developed bat vision), and appliances (I LOVE YOU KITCHENAID MIXER! I missed you!)  

So, follow me as I cook and bake my way through life.  I am constantly dreaming up new creations and searching for recipes throughout the day.  Some recipes are keepers…and others not so much. But I will try everything and blog about it, giving you my honest opinion. 

I have only one standard.


Everything must be delicious.

Thanks for reading and happy eating 🙂

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