Healthy Brownies

Recipes that Didn’t Make it.

October 7, 2015 5 comments

Going to be 100% real right now. I make and photograph a lot of recipes that don’t make it to the blog. Why? Because not everything comes out as delicious and beautiful as I would hope. I sometimes spend hours cooking and photographing food that ends up tasting bland or frankly, disgusting. Thank goodness for my trusty taste-tester, Travis, who can be honest with me about whether or not a recipe is blog-worthy. I thought […]

Butternut Squash with Sesame and Gochujang

September 29, 2015 6 comments
Roasted Butternut Squash with Sesame and Gochujang Recipe

Hi guys! Apologies to those of you who subscribe. It seems as though the email service sent out a strange format of this blog post last night. Sorry if you clicked on the link expecting a recipe! Anyway, the tech side of things seem to be sorted out now, so let’s jump into the REAL reason you’re here: this Roasted Butternut Squash with Sesame and Gochujang! Have you tried Gochujang […]

What I am Loving Lately – September 2015

September 25, 2015 2 comments
What I am Loving Lately - September 2015

Hi guys! Happy Friday! Any special plans on the agenda this weekend? We don’t have much planned, but I am reaaaaaally looking forward to a quieter weekend so I can finally make time to cook and catch up on a few projects I’ve been putting off. I haven’t done a What I am Loving Lately post in awhile, so why not today then? Let’s get into it, shall we!?   Deli […]

Perfect Roast Chicken with Grapes and Red Wine Pan Gravy

September 22, 2015 6 comments
Perfect Roast Chicken with Grapes and Red Wine Pan Gravy ll

Hi friends! Are you ready for a crazy delicious recipe this morning? This Roast Chicken recipe is PERFECT. Hearty, delicious and healthy. For me, a roast chicken is the epitome of fall comfort food. I love throwing a whole bird into the oven on a Sunday evening when I have a bit more time to cook. Since there are only two of us, there are always leftovers, but Travis and I […]

Miracle No Crust Apple Pie

September 16, 2015 14 comments
Miracle No Crust Apple Pie

Skip the unhealthy butter-packed pie crust and try this Miracle No Crust Apple Pie recipe instead! Thanks to eggs and a little bit of flour, this pie makes its own crust while baking.   Fall is upon us people! It’s really hard to believe because the temperatures are still in the upper 80’s in Los Angeles. Don’t get me wrong, I love the summer, but I am itching for the temps […]

Three Days in London

September 9, 2015 2 comments
Buckingham Palace London

Hello! How are you guys? Can you believe it’s already Wednesday? I mean, thank goodness for Monday holidays! This London post was SUPPOSED to go up last Friday, but as I mentioned, things have been quite nuts around here lately, so alas, here we are on Wednesday. Better late than never. I took 1,389,457,343 photos in London, so in order to keep this post as concise as possible, we’re going to […]

Family Reunion in Skipton

September 2, 2015 4 comments
York England

Hi friends! Happy Hump Day! My week is moving pretty quickly, and I can’t wait for the long weekend. Work has been very crazy for me since I got back from my trip, so I am definitely looking forward to the extra day to catch up on life things this weekend. In my last post we left off at the end of our short day in Amsterdam. The next morning we headed […]

Less than 24 Hours in Amsterdam

August 26, 2015 5 comments
One Day in Amsterdam

Hello, I am back! To catch you up, the last 10 days I was traveling through Europe. My dad’s side of the family had a big family reunion in the English countryside, where he grew up. When planning this trip months ago, we quickly realized that flying from LA to Europe takes a long time, and there weren’t many direct flights that were budget-friendly. Many of the flights we looked at had […]

How I Stay Healthy on Vacation

August 12, 2015 3 comments
Tips to Stay Healthy While on Vacation

Hi people! I am leaving for vacation in England TODAY! Woohoo, I can’t wait! We booked this trip months ago and I am thrilled that it is finally here. Before I leave, I wanted to share how I stay healthy on vacation. Personally, I hate reading vacation health tips that encourage you to run at least 3 miles a day or order customized meals of steamed veggies and grilled chicken at […]

Kale Salad with Tahini Dressing

August 6, 2015 2 comments
Kale Salad with Tahini Dressing Recipe

You can use tahini for so much more than hummus! Try this delicious Tahini Dressing recipe on a homemade salad. It’s healthy, dairy-free and vegan. Hello friends! I can’t believe it’s Thursday already. This week is flyyyyyying by for me. I was in Boston visiting my family this past weekend and I flew back to LA bright and early on Tuesday morning. I am reallllllly excited to share this Kale […]