Delicious Vitamin-Packed Green Smoothie Recipe! ll Vegan, Gluten-Free and Refined-Sugar Free ll

Vitamin-Packed Green Smoothie

July 30, 2015 7 comments

This Green Smoothie with Avocado Recipe is an easy way to pack in your daily dose of vitamins and nutrients. You’ll need kale, banana, avocado, mango, almond milk and just 5 minutes to make this healthy smoothie. Monday night I came home from work and our apartment was HOT. I knew Travis wanted a “real” meal for dinner, but cooking was the last thing I felt like doing. I had […]

Weekend Recap

July 27, 2015 0 comments
Los Liones Hike

Hello friends! How was your weekend? Mine was great! We had plans to go away for a short trip, but our plans changed at the last minute. It ended up being fine because we had an activity-packed non-stop weekend! Friday night neither of us felt like cooking, so after 20 minutes of debating what to eat, we decided to head to The Misfit, our favorite local restaurant. We started our […]

Steak Tips with Weber Applewood Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce

July 22, 2015 0 comments
Steak Tips with Applewood Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce Recipe

I talk a lot about how much I love grilling during warm weather. My kitchen doesn’t become 110 degrees, clean up is much easier, and the obvious…it’s delicious! When Weber offered to send me their newly reformulated line of BBQ sauces, I was so excited! Travis and I already use a Weber grill at home and we’re big fans of their grilling equipment. To be honest, I didn’t know much […]

Asian-Glazed Salmon Recipe

July 14, 2015 9 comments
Asian-Glazed Salmon Recipe

I’ve tried countless salmon recipes and this one is without a doubt my favorite. You may have seen my sneak-peak post on Instagram last week, and I am excited to share the recipe for this Asian-Glazed Salmon with you today! I always have the ingredients for this recipe in my fridge, which is another reason why I love this dish so much. From start to finish, this Asian-Glazed Salmon takes no […]

Friday Photo Dump

July 10, 2015 2 comments
Dinner ABC Kitchen NYC

Hi there! Happy Friday! We made it! I am popping in this gorgeous Friday to share a recent photo dump. I am constantly snapping photos on my iPhone, but so many of them never make it to social media or my blog. So without further ado, here are a few very random photos I snapped throughout the last week! – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – […]

No-Bake Nut and Oat Granola Bars

July 7, 2015 6 comments
These No Bake Nut and Oat Granola Bars couldn't be easier! They're the perfect portable snack or breakfast when you're on the go! ll

Where did June go!? Is it me, or did it just fly by? We were so busy all month with our trip to Chicago, friends’ events and a recent visit to New Jersey. I feel like I’ve hardly had any time to pop-in and say hi to you guys. I thoroughly enjoyed being home for three days over 4th of July weekend. June’s schedule left me very little time for recipe […]

What I am Loving Lately – June 2015

June 26, 2015 4 comments
What I am Loving Lately - June 2015

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. As always, all opinions are my own and I truly appreciate your support!   Hello! Good morning and happy Friday! I am kicking off the weekend with a “What I am Loving Lately” post. Feel free to share something you’re loving in the comments below.   Amazon Customer Service I am VERY picky about workout headphones. Many of the earbuds on the […]

Weekend in Chicago

June 23, 2015 2 comments
Au Cheval

I took lots of iPhone photos in Chicago. I was debating whether or not to bring my DSLR camera, and in the end I am glad I left it at home. With all of the rain we experienced, I would have hated lugging it around in addition to my raincoat and umbrella. So instead of recipe photos, today I bring you a hodgepodge of iPhone pictures from last weekend in Chicago. […]

Barramundi with Balsamic Cherry Tomatoes

June 17, 2015 9 comments
Halibut with Balsamic

We just got back from a weekend trip to Chicago to visit family and friends. Unfortunately, the weather gods hated us, and it rained every day of our trip…and because we were stuck inside all day, our weekend turned into an eating extravaganza. Now, as a food-lover, I really shouldn’t complain because everything we ate was delicious…but let’s just say I am ready for a detox. There is only so much deep-dish pizza, burgers, and pasta my […]

How I Meal Plan

June 9, 2015 8 comments

I am often asked how I have time to cook every night and since I do cook often, how I am not constantly running to the grocery store. My answer? It’s all about planning! Over the last few years, I’ve developed a weekly meal planning process that works very well for us. Planning helps us to save time, save money, and keep us on a healthy track throughout the week. Since […]