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Basic Protein Shake + Variations

March 24, 2014 7 comments

On weekday mornings I am always in a rush because I work out in the morning before work. I’ve been doing the same routine for about a year now, so from the moment my alarm goes off at 5:00AM, I have my morning schedule locked down to the minute. I have to squeeze in my workout, shower, getting dressed, and breakfast all before I rush out the door to hit […]

Heirloom Tomato and Burrata Panzanella Salad

March 19, 2014 8 comments
Heirloom Tomato and Burrata Panzanella Salad

Is it me or is burrata everywhere right now?¬†Whenever we go out to eat it seems to pop up on the menu. Not that I am complaining! I adore this creamy cheese. It seems to pair well with just about anything! My favorite burrata salad to date was at Rustic Canyon, a restaurant in Santa Monica we tried last weekend. The textures were on point, the flavors blended together perfectly, […]

Muhammara (Roasted Red Pepper Dip)

March 13, 2014 10 comments
Muhammara is one of my favorite appetizers! It's a roasted red pepper dip made with toasted walnuts and pomegranate molasses. Serve it with veggies or whole grain crackers for a healthy snack. ll

The first time I tried Muhammara was at¬†Momed, a modern Mediterranean restaurant in Beverly Hills. I had no idea what it was, so the waitress kindly let us sample some before we placed our order. It. Was. Incredible. Muhammara, which is quite common in Syrian and Turkish cuisine, is a delicious roasted red pepper dip served with warm pita. This dip has incredible texture thanks to blended walnuts and breadcrumbs. […]

A Weekend of Delicious Food and Even Better Weather

March 10, 2014 2 comments
A Weekend of Delicious Food and Even Better Weather

It was a gorgeous weekend in LA. I made a concerted effort to stay inside as little as possible so I could soak up all the sun. Because of that, time in my kitchen was minimal, and Travis and I ate a few delicious meals out. Saturday night, we made reservations at Wildcraft Sourdough Pizza in Culver City. I’d heard great things about this place, so I was really excited […]

Perfect Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries

March 7, 2014 9 comments
Learn how to make perfect Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries. They couldn't be easier, but they'll impress that special person in your life! Just two ingredients, and they're vegan and gluten-free! ll

You may remember from a few weeks ago that I made Travis Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries for Valentine’s Day. Over the last few years, I’ve made these strawberries numerous times and they are secretly SO easy. Even though Valentine’s Day is over, there is no reason you can’t make these Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries for another occasion. That is why I wanted to share them on the blog today. I […]

An Empty Fridge Makes Me Freak

March 5, 2014 2 comments
An Empty Fridge Makes Me Freak

Travis and I were away this past weekend visiting my aunt and uncle in Tucson, Arizona. I always love visiting Arizona – the mountains are gorgeous, the Southwestern flavors are delicious, and I appreciate the slower pace of life there. One of my goals for 2014 was to make more weekend trips up and down the West Coast. I still feel like a newbie in California and there are so […]

Curried Yogurt Dip and Sweet Potato Chips

February 28, 2014 10 comments
Curried Yogurt Dip Recipe l

I never crave salty things. My cravings come in the form of chocolate chip cookies, ooey-gooey brownies, and anything chocolate-peanut butter. Travis is the opposite. He craves chips. Recently he’s been buying a different type of chip each week. For the past month it’s been sweet potato chips and now he has both of us hooked! I never thought I could be so in love with a salty snack, but […]

Roasted Carrots with Spiced Greek Yogurt

February 25, 2014 11 comments
Roasted Carrots with Spiced Greek Yogurt

Oh boy, do I have a recipe for you! Ever since I had colorful carrots at a restaurant a little over a year ago, I just can’t go back to regular orange carrots. There is something about all of these colors that makes me smile. They add so much vibrancy to my dinner plate. And when I buy carrots with the tops on, I feel like they were pulled right […]

Healthy Work Snacks

February 20, 2014 5 comments
Healthy Work Snacks

I eat a lot throughout the day. In fact, I have to eat basically every three hours so that I don’t become a major cranky-pants. This is particularly important at work because I find that it is impossible to concentrate with a rumbling tummy. Without fail my body tells me it’s hungry around 11AM and 4PM every day, so I always have good munchies nearby during the workday. I also […]

My President’s Day Weekend Through Food

February 18, 2014 6 comments
My President's Day Weekend Through Food

How was everyone’s long weekend? Mine was wonderful. It started out with a relaxing Valentine’s Day at home. Travis and I decided to cook Valentine’s Day dinner at home on Friday night and instead go out to dinner on Saturday night. All of the restaurants we would have gone to on Valentine’s Day had prix fixe menus, and we typically avoid those because 1) they are overpriced and 2) we […]