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7 Ways to Include Your Partner in the Kitchen

In many relationships there is usually one person who does most of the cooking. Some people like it this way, but others definitely wish their other half would share in some of the cooking.

I feel lucky that in my relationship, both Travis and I love to cook and it’s actually one of our favorite activities to do together. From a relationship perspective, cooking with your significant other is a great way to collaborate, work together and get creative. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to disconnect from your phones and computers and spend time together.

In case you’re looking for an extra hand in the kitchen, here are seven ways you can include your partner in the kitchen. And by the way, many of these are good ways to get your kids, roommates, and friends involved as well.

7 Ways to Include Your Partner in the Kitchen l www.littlechefbigappetite.com


Get those ingredients.

Hand your partner the recipe and task them with taking all of the necessary ingredients out of the fridge and pantry and assemble everything on the counter. Sure, it might be just a two minute affair, but that way you’ll have everything in front of you while you cook without having to dig through the fridge for an ingredient.

(Just try not to let them run away after this).

Official Recipe Reader.

Having an extra set of eyes to stare at the recipe and answer you when you ask, “How long am I supposed to saute these onions?” or “What am I supposed to do after this?” can be very helpful. They might not be doing any of the actual cooking, but your partner will still be nearby and contributing.

Measure out the spices.

If you’re making a dish that requires a lot of spices, like say a curry recipe, have them measure all of the spices into a small bowl. I find it’s so much easier when I can just toss the bowl of spices into a dish, rather than measure them out while everything else is going on.

Wash and Dry.

Have them wash and dry all of the herbs, fruits and vegetables. Bonus points for scrubbing potatoes or getting all of the dirt off romaine lettuce.

Watch the clock.

Timing is everything. And sometimes watching the clock while you chop, stir, and flip, can be too much for one person to handle. Give your partner the job of timing all aspects of the meal, from boiling pasta to roasting vegetables in the oven.

Stir regularly.

Some dishes require constant attention at the stove, like a risotto or caramelized onions. Delegating this task will allow you to concentrate on another aspect of the meal while they make sure nothing burns (well, hopefully).

Beverage duty.

Okay, if all else fails, can your loved one pour a drink?

I’m sure. And let’s be honest, being bartender is a very important job and you probably cook better with a glass of wine in your hand, don’t you?


What about you? Do you have any additional ways to get your husband/wife, roommate or kids involved in the kitchen?

Product Review

Three New (to me) Kitchen Tools I Love

When Travis and I moved in together about one year ago, we discovered that we had double of almost everything. Both of us had very well-stocked kitchens on our own (spices, vinegars, knives, pans, cutlery, and kitchen tools), so when we moved in together we ended up choosing the “better” of all of our duplicates and putting the rest in a big box of storage.

Even though I thought I had almost everything kitchen-related I needed, we’ve still acquired a few things over the last 10 months that make me wonder what the heck I ever did without them. I wanted to share with you my top three new kitchen tools that I LOVE.


1. Hamilton Beach Set and Forget Programmable Slow Cooker


The first on the list is my beloved slow-cooker. Dear Dave and Morgan: THANK YOU for the most perfect gift. I use my slow cooker at least once a week now. One of my favorite ways to use it is to throw in 2 chicken breasts (seasoned with S+P) with 1 cup of chicken broth and cook it on high for 3 hours. After cooking, the chicken is so tender that it falls apart with a touch of your fork. I use this juicy chicken all week long for lunches I pack for work. I just love being able to put something into the slow cooker and walk away for hours without a care in the world. The delicious smells probably torture our foster dog, Bessie, while we are at work during the day!



2. Joseph Joseph Rocker Garlic Crusher


My dad bought me this awesome garlic crusher when I was home for the holidays last year. He already had one and I was amazed by how quickly he could mince multiple cloves of garlic for a pasta dish we were making together. Being the incredibly thoughtful guy he is, my dad went out the next day and bought me the same garlic crusher for my kitchen back in LA. Now, I know garlic crushers are nothing new, but I just love this one because it is easy to use and clean. It is perfect for any dish that requires numerous gloves of garlic. It is also great for those of you who hate getting the smell of garlic all over your hands (I, personally, love the smell though!)


3.Cuisipro Herb Keeper


I can’t give this herb saver enough praise. I am kicking myself for not buying it sooner. For months Travis and I talked about ways we COULD better save our herbs based on tips we read online and in magazines. For example, some people chop them up very small and store them in an ice cube tray in the freezer with a little bit of water. When you need fresh herbs you simply defrost a few cubes. The idea sounds great, but I knew I would never have the patience to do that.

After wasting way too much cilantro, basil and parsley over the last few months, I finally had enough, so I browsed Amazon and found this herb saver. It had very high ratings and now I know why! It is so easy to use: all you do is fill the base with water and place your fresh herbs in the large insert. You’re supposed to change the water pretty frequently, but honestly we forget and our herbs still last up to three weeks! YAHOO! We can fit two large bunches of herbs in here without any issues. If you use fresh herbs often in your cooking, I cannot recommend this product more.


Note: This post is not sponsored in any way and is simply a list of some kitchen tools I happen to love. Some affiliate links are included and I sincerely appreciate your support!