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Weekend Recap

Hello friends! How was your weekend? Mine was great! We had plans to go away for a short trip, but our plans changed at the last minute.

It ended up being fine because we had an activity-packed non-stop weekend!

Friday night neither of us felt like cooking, so after 20 minutes of debating what to eat, we decided to head to The Misfit, our favorite local restaurant. We started our meal with a couple of drinks off the happy hour menu and then defaulted to a few of our favorite menu items.
The Misfit Santa Monica

Saturday morning Bessie woke me up VERY early by licking my face. I rolled over to find that she had stuck herself between our pillows, with her butt on Travis’ pillow. What a nut.


Saturday morning, after our respective workouts, we showered and headed to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Neither of us had been before and it’s been on our LA bucket list for quite some time.


I am fairly certain my favorite exhibit was designed for children, but I was in awe. “Metropolis” was made up of many different “roads” and “buildings” designed to look like a city. Hundreds of tiny toy cars were speeding through the streets and it seriously looked like a miniaturized city. It was an amazing site to see!


That night, we had dinner reservations at one of my favorite restaurants in the city, Tagine. We were last there for our anniversary back in January, so I was REALLY excited to go back.

Tagine Restaurant

I will spare you the REALLY dark and grainy restaurant photos I tried to take. Total fail – but the meal was incredible as always. I am in love with this 12-table restaurant.


Sunday morning I was SO productive. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am quite Type A and have trouble sitting doing nothing. I was on a “get stuff done” rampage starting at 6:45AM Sunday morning (I know, god help me) – which consisted of doing ALL the laundry and cleaning out my closet. I felt so accomplished when it was finished. I packed up a big bag of clothes to sell online through ThredUp (affiliate link).

In the afternoon, we headed to Los Liones Canyon for a short hike. Travis brought his GoPro to film our trek and we were both psyched to see this incredible view as we neared the top.

Los Liones Hike

When we got home from hiking, I was starving and devoured this bowl of Kashi cereal is less than one minute.

Kashi Heart to Heart

The rest of our lunch consisted of homemade turkey burgers cooked on the grill pan. So yummy!

I made a conscious effort to put my phone away after that, so this is where my photos end! Later that day we got massages (I told you it was a great weekend!), cooked dinner at home, and saw Trainwreck (which I loved!).


What was one highlight from your weekend? Have you seen Trainwreck yet?