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Loving Lately

What I’m Loving Lately – June 2017

Hey guys! Who’s ready for the weekend!? Hopefully you have fun plans on the agenda, whether it’s enjoying the sun or relaxing inside in front of Netflix. I think we’ll be doing a little bit of both!

Today I’m sharing my June edition of What I’m Loving Lately. In these posts I discuss five items from my daily life (not necessarily food related!) that I am loving lately.

Here we go!

Acai Roots Frozen Acai

You guys know that I am on a serious homemade Acai Bowl kick these days. In case you missed it, I shared my favorite acai bowl recipe in this post. I prefer to buy frozen acai that doesn’t have any extra sugars or additives, but you’d be surprised how hard it is to find! Even some brands that claim the product is pure acai include small amounts of soy lecithin, but since I recently found out I am intolerant to soy, I try to avoid it whenever I can. The one brand that I’ve been buying consistently and LOVE is Acai Roots. They sell pre-portioned frozen packages of pure acai with nothing else added. Honestly, once you blend it with frozen bananas and other fruits, ¬†you really don’t miss the added sweeteners! I love eating real, whole foods as much as possible and this product fits the bill.


Lemonade Cookbook

If you live in Southern California, you’ve likely been to a Lemonade restaurant location. Lemonade is known for their delicious, healthy food that’s served in a “cafeteria” style. The salads, proteins, and braises are freshly prepared in advance and displayed behind clear class, similar to a school cafeteria. Only this food is MUCH healthier (and more attractive!) than your standard school cafeteria food.

My friend gifted me with the Lemonade cookbook over the holidays, and I’ve been cooking my way through it over the last few months. We particularly love their braises. They’re healthy, but taste so rich, and leftovers are always delicious throughout the week. If you’re looking for a new healthy cookbook with easy to follow recipes, look no further!


Kamikoto 7 inch Chef’s Knife

Kamikoto 7-Inch Santoku Chef's Knife

When chopping, mincing, or cutting anything in the kitchen, it’s crucial to have a good-quality SHARP knife. It may sound counter-intuitive, but it’s actually safer to cut with a sharp knife than it is a dull one. When using a dull kitchen knife, you put more pressure on it as you cut, making it more likely that the blade will slip and cut your hand.

The Kamikoto Japanese 7 inch Santoku knife is extremely sharp and easy to cut with. The handle is slim and coated with a non-slip surface, providing a very comfortable grip. This is now the only knife I use when I cook. If you’re interested, it looks like Kamikoto is running a BIG sale on this knife on their website right now!



A couple of months ago, Sizzlefish reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in trying their fish delivery service. After doing a bit of research, I immediately said yes. Sizzlefish ships individual portions of top-quality fish (mostly wild-caught) direct to consumer. The fish is flash-frozen and vacuum sealed within days of being caught, so once it’s defrosted it tastes just as fresh as non-frozen fish.

Frozen fish can get a bad reputation, but this fish is REALLY good. Travis and I regularly purchase a few different frozen wild-caught fish varieties from Whole Foods, and we both agree that the Sizzlefish fish tastes better! We had the Sizzlefish Atlantic Cod for dinner last night, and we couldn’t believe how juicy and flakey it was compared to some very rubbery cod we’ve had in the past. I also love that the Sizzlefish portions are individually packaged, so you can defrost just as much as you need for one meal.




I’ve mentioned ThredUp on the blog before, but it’s definitely worth a second shoutout! If you haven’t heard of it, ThredUp is an online consignment platform for women’s clothing, kids clothing, and accessories. You can sell your own used clothes (that are still in good condition) by ordering a “Clean Out Kit”. The clean out bags are really big, and can fit everything from a large handbag, a pair of winter boots, and a large pile of clothing. I love ThredUp because they tend to accept brands that other local “designer” consignment shops won’t (e.g. Banana Republic and Zara).

I always feel great cleaning out my closet each season, and I use the cash I earn from selling on ThredUp to order new-to-me clothes from their site. They have a wide range of sizes, including petite, tall, plus, and maternity, and the prices are awesome. The best part is that there are always new things to find on the site since people are constantly sending in their Clean Out Kits. I don’t think I’ve ever left the website without buying something. Check it out for yourself!