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How I Stay Healthy on Vacation

Hi people! I am leaving for vacation in England TODAY! Woohoo, I can’t wait! We booked this trip months ago and I am thrilled that it is finally here.

Before I leave, I wanted to share how I stay healthy on vacation. Personally, I hate reading vacation health tips that encourage you to run at least 3 miles a day or order customized meals of steamed veggies and grilled chicken at every restaurant you go to. I believe you should let loose a little bit on vacation! Heck, if we aim to be our healthiest selves the rest of the year, we deserve a little break once in awhile, am I right?

When I am on vacation, I aim to find a balance. I exercise when I can, eat healthy when I can, but definitely indulge and lounge around when I want to. My point it, you shouldn’t be spending your entire vacation thinking, “Is this healthy?” because that’s no fun!

Alright, without further ado, here are my tips!


1. Exercise before your trip.

Tips to Stay Healthy While on Vacation

Whether you’re flying or driving to your destination, I highly recommend squeezing in a quick workout before you leave. When on a plane or in a car, you end up sitting in the same position for hours on end. No fun! If you can swing it, get in an early morning workout before your trip. Your body will thank you before you cram it into a teeny-tiny airplane seat.


2. Pack healthy snacks.

Tips to Stay Healthy While on Vacation

Whenever I go on trips, I always pack my own snacks. I wrote this post last summer about some of my favorite healthy travel snacks. I never rely on airport or rest stop food because it’s typically unhealthy and way overpriced. A few months ago I saw a small Chobani yogurt priced at $4 at LAX, and needless to say, I was horrified.

Before we get to England, we have multiple stops and some long stretches of time on the plane. So to make sure neither Travis or I gets too hangry, I packed a boat load of snacks. Coming with us: Homemade turkey sandwiches for lunch on the first leg of the trip, Krave Jerky, Blue Diamond AlmondsKind Bars, Trail Mix, and organic apples.

Bet you wish you were sitting next to me on the plane, dontchya?


3. Bring a water bottle.

Tips to Stay Healthy While on Vacation

I don’t go anywhere without a water bottle. In particular, I love my Bobble, because it filters the water as you drink. I never have to worry about filling up my bottle from a random water fountain or airport faucet.

I recommend bringing an empty water bottle with you through security at the airport and filling it up at a fountain near your gate. That way you’ll have water for your flight and a bottle to carry around with you during your trip.


4. Pack those sneakers! Exercise when you can.

Tips to Stay Healthy While on Vacation

I always pack a pair of sneakers and at least one set of workout clothes with me while I am on vacation. Check to see if your hotel has a gym. If not, there are loads of equipment-free workouts you can find online. I love the Nike Training Club App.  If that’s not your thing, go for a run or a long walk. You’re in a new city for darn sakes – go explore it! You’d be amazed how many calories you can burn by just walking all day. Get your body moving for even just a small amount of time – it’s better than nothing!

One more tip – make sure to workout in the MORNING before sightseeing or laying on the beach. That way, you’ll get it out of the way and won’t think about it all day long.


5. Plan your special meals.

Tips to Stay Healthy While on Vacation

One of my favorite parts of going to a new city is researching restaurants I want to try. While I love a good indulgence, you guys know that I really do ENJOY eating healthy meals. So before my trip, I create a list of restaurants that includes both healthy fare as well as “treat” meals. Remember, balance is key. Enjoy your burger and fries guilt-free, but don’t let the rest of your day consist of pastries, pizza, ice cream, etc. All of that food will just make you feel like crap.

I want to really emphasize that it’s okay to eat “off-plan” or steer away from a super clean diet when you’re on vacation. If you stress yourself out about it, you’re not going to enjoy yourself.


I’d love to know how you guys stay healthy while on vacation. Do you do anything I didn’t include in this post? Let me know in the comments below!


Note: This post includes some affiliate links. I greatly appreciate your support!

Eats Lately

Healthy Work Snacks

I eat a lot throughout the day. In fact, I have to eat basically every three hours so that I don’t become a major cranky-pants.

This is particularly important at work because I find that it is impossible to concentrate with a rumbling tummy. Without fail my body tells me it’s hungry around 11AM and 4PM every day, so I always have good munchies nearby during the workday. I also sometimes end up working through my lunch, so it is especially important for me to be able to grab something quickly and keep working.

When I grocery shop on the weekends I always restock on easy and healthy snacks for the week. Here is a look at what is in this week’s healthy work snack rotation:


Pears and Navel Oranges. Fresh fruit is always great to have on hand. I am currently obsessed with navel oranges – they are so juicy!


Hummus and Veggies (I like carrots and celery). Trader Joes has such a wide assortment of hummus that I end up buying a new one each time. I particularly like their White Bean Hummus (featured here) and their Edamame Hummus.


Raw Almonds and Golden Raisins. I prefer to make my own trail mix for a few reasons: 1) I usually end up picking out the things I don’t like in packaged trail mix, so it makes much more sense to make it myself and only include things I do like! 2) I can control the nutritional value (i.e. See yaaaa later M&Ms) 3) I also like to pre-portion the trail mix into separate baggies. It is soooooo easy to overeat nuts and dried fruit if I have a large portion in front of me, so measuring out a proper serving in advance prevents me from downing 12 servings of roasted almonds (because I totally would…)


Apples/Bananas with Peanut Butter. Ever since I can remember this combo have been a favorite for me. I have fond memories from when I was little and my mom used to cut the apple up for me and serve the peanut butter in this eeeeensy glass bowl with a baby spoon. Even then I was always asking for more peanut butter! When I eat apple/banana and PB now I try to limit myself to just 1 Tablespoon of peanut butter, but boy is it hard!


Quest Bars (duh). If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know these are a major favorite of mine. Each bar has 20g of protein and very, very low sugar and carb content. I love the Vanilla Almond Crunch and Peanut Butter Supreme flavors. I buy my Quest Bars either on Amazon or at GNC when there is a deal.


Fresh Turkey Breast from Whole Foods. I specify Whole Foods because I honestly won’t buy turkey from anywhere else anymore. Their turkey contains no nitrates or nasty preservatives, so it tastes incredibly fresh. The Whole Foods in Venice that I go to has such a great selection of flavors (BBQ, Lemon Pepper, No Salt, Cajun, etc.). The kicker is that it is priiiiiiiiiiicey, so I don’t buy it every week.


If you don’t want to bring an entire jar of peanut butter to work or if your work fridge is too small to store large containers of things like hummus, I recommend investing in some small tupperware so you only have to bring a small portion. I also buy lots of snack size ziploc bags for smaller items like the nuts and dried fruit.


For more snack ideas, check out these recipes:

Chia Protein Bars

Spiced Roasted Almonds

Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins

Healthy Homemade Granola Bars


What snacks do you bring to work? I am always looking for new ideas!






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