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Loving Lately

What I am Loving Lately – September 2015

Hi guys! Happy Friday! Any special plans on the agenda this weekend? We don’t have much planned, but I am reaaaaaally looking forward to a quieter weekend so I can finally make time to cook and catch up on a few projects I’ve been putting off.

I haven’t done a What I am Loving Lately post in awhile, so why not today then?

Let’s get into it, shall we!?


Deli Food

Wednesday was Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement, and it is customary to fast from sundown to sundown. Many families have a specific “tradition” to break the fast after sundown. For most that means take out, going out to eat, or a catered meal with a group (because who wants wants to cook on a day when you’re fasting?).

This year, Travis and I decided to get Jewish deli for our break the fast meal. Unfortunately, we don’t live very close to the best delis in Los Angeles. We knew of one up the street from us that’s been around for years, but we’ve avoided it due to poor Yelp reviews. But, on Wednesday evening ALL WE WANTED was deli food, so we decided to just go for it!

Izzy's Deli Man, did it hit the spot! We ordered a large hot pastrami sandwich, matzoh ball soup, and potato pancakes. Travis and I both have a serious love for classic Jewish deli food, so this was perfect for us.


A Train for Rescue Dogs

You know how you see the most RANDOM articles on your Facebook news feed and even though they seem ridiculous, you still click on them? Well, this was one of them.

You guys know I have a serious place in my heart for rescued animals (hi Bessie!), so I fell so in love with this story of a man who built a train for the stray dogs he rescues.

Train Dogs


“Auntie Justine”

Travis’ sister, Justine, was in LA visiting us for the last week, and it was SO special having her here.

Justine has the very special ability of making you feel like you’re the only person in the world when you’re talking to her. She has a ridiculously good memory and always asks about the little things that even you forgot you’d mentioned. Plus, her awesome memory means that she’s incredible at quoting movies (something I am terrible at!). Needless to say, she kept me and Travis laughing the entire time she was here.


Travis and I call her “Auntie Justine” because technically she is Bessie’s “aunt.” Justine used to live in Los Angeles, but moved back to NYC about a year ago. When she lived here in LA, she used to watch Bessie for us and take her on extra long walks. They have an adorable bond. Bessie was just as sad as we were when Justine had to fly back to NYC on Tuesday.

Justine and Bessie

Come back soon, Auntie Justine!


Fall TV!


I am so excited that so many of my favorite TV shows are back this month (Empire, How to Get Away with Murder, Homeland…). There wasn’t really much summer TV that I was into this year, so I am really excited that some of my favorites are back.


Challah French Toast

Challah French Toast

My favorite french toast recipe made a comeback this weekend while Justine was in town. We wanted to make something special for brunch on Sunday morning and this recipe is always a winner. If you haven’t made this one yet, you MUST!


Whine About It with Matt Bellassai

Whine About it

Have you guys seen Whine About It? I think Matt’s series is HILARIOUS. Basically, he gets drunk off wine and talks about things he hates (which are usually things we all can relate to). I especially love this one about The Worst People at Restaurants. If you have some extra time today, watch them all. But be careful if you’re at work because you’ll likely find yourself laughing out loud!


Alright, that’s it from me. Have a great weekend guys! I’ll see you next week with some delicious new recipes!